To talk to Darren about any of the services below or to book him for your event, please get in touch through his Contact page.

Live DJ:

Darren started out in the industry as a club DJ in 1990, when he was voted “Young DJ of the year” He still uses his mixing techniques and amazing music knowledge to entertain the crowds at key events all over the country. From a private corporate function to festivals and arenas, he can create and deliver a DJ set that will guarantee that the crowd have THE best time!

Darren Proctor - Live DJ Darren Proctor - Live DJ Darren Proctor - Live DJ

Radio Training - "My Radio Coach":

Coaching in radio presenting for all levels of ability, from a first time user of the microphone to those broadcasting professionals who want to “fine tune’ and develop their radio skills.
“My Radio Coach” offers a range of services appealing to those just starting within the industry or thinking about it, right through to experienced radio presenters who want 'the edge' and to develop themselves further.
 Learn the art of communicating on the radio and developing your own unique knowledgeable, interesting and friendly style.

For Beginners

The opportunity to press the buttons and drive a radio desk.
Learn how to fully operate a desk and develop an ear to match the radio jingles with the music, you will be also be shown how to master timings, so you don’t cut that song in half, to get to the news on time!
You will become a qualified and able technical operator, a roll used at every radio station and a skill that you would get paid for!  

For The More Experienced Presenter

“My radio coach” will offer regular private feedback and development sessions to advance your “on air” skills. These can be held over the phone or during “face to face” meetings. All you have to do to start the process is provide some current audio and we will commit to working along side you, to get you feeling proud of what you deliver on air.

Compere / Auctioneer:

Over the past few years Darren has become one of the most sought after compere / auctioneers in the country. He has the knowledge and passion to deliver any event with with his enthusiastic and exciting delivery style. He has also hosted some of the country’s highest profile charity auctions, and again it’s his enthusiastic and exciting delivery style that gets everyone in the room engaged and involved. He’s helped raise millions of pounds for a number of charities.

Compare / Auctioneer Compare / Auctioneer